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Some of the most emotionally and physically training days of my life where when I worked on the neonatal unit. They were probably one the most rewarding times too. I was in the last five years of my training at that point and that is when we were asked to decide what we wanted to do for the next few years. I somehow decided at that point that community paediatrics was where I was heading and where I eventually ended up. As time goes on , I am not sure I miss the incubators and ventilators. I do miss the team work, I miss the working together for the one goal, that nothing else seemed to matter but making sure these babies were healthy and whole. I loved taking that journey with the families, yes, I would never know exactly how it felt to be the mother of a premature or very sick baby, but I would make sure I did my best to help them through what must have been one of the most challenging times of there lives. The best part was sending them home. A baby that was feeding and growing was just wonderful. And when I saw them a few months later in clinic, chubby and cute, it was an absolute delight. Yes, we had to talk about development, feeding issues, reflux and immunisations but you could not help but admire the tenacity of some of these babies, some of whom where born at the limits of viability, who just somehow got through the neonatal period and surprised us all. Yes, I really enjoyed that time in my training, tough but rewarding.


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